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KeyPass is a consulting launchpad for high-profile NFT projects. We aim to assist those interested in digitizing utility for their patrons, loyal fans, or members through membership access on the blockchain.


As a consulting service, KeyPass provides premier advisory expertise on pass-holder benefits and deliverables at an industry agnostic capacity. Our valued clients work with us and our library of membership benefits to curate, launch, and implement the perfect bespoke experience for their community members. KeyPass is committed to working side-by-side with each client, tailoring the benefits for each collection precisely as desired.


KeyPass is dedicated to offering our clients the highest level of service while prioritizing sustainability. We currently utilize proof-of-stake platforms that are environmentally conscious and sustainable.

KeyPass recognizes that many of your patrons are not crypto-native and may not be familiar with purchasing ERC tokens or creating a digital wallet. Through user flow optimization, we make the process simple and seamless for anyone to enter Web3, regardless of their pre-existing Web3 knowledge.

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